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Trust administration

A trust is a useful structure to preserve, protect and accumulate wealth. Jersey is a leading jurisdiction for trust and company business.

Alex Picot Trust Company Ltd offers you a bespoke service in offshore and onshore formation and administration of trusts and companies. We act as trustees for local and international clients.

We are regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission to conduct trust company business under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998. Our directors are all qualified accountants and members of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

Types of trust

Discretionary trusts
Frequently used flexible trust. The trustee has scope in nominating beneficiaries and the distribution of the trust fund. The settlor can pass on wishes regarding distribution of assets, income or capital and may provide the trustees with a private letter of wishes with guidance on how to administer the trust and manage the assets.

Interest in possession trusts
Beneficiaries are entitled to income and capital from the trust as prescribed in the trust instrument.

Accumulation and maintenance trusts
Almost always established for the benefit of children. The trust instrument specifies how the trust fund will be used up to a predetermined age and surplus income is accumulated by the trust. Once this age is reached, the beneficiaries are entitled to receive income, capital and assets.

Special purpose trusts
Flexible trust set up for a specific purpose and without named beneficiaries.

Private Trust Companies (PTCs)

PTCs are incorporated purely for the purpose of acting as trustee of a particular trust or trusts and are an ideal option for Settlors who seek a higher degree of control. For more information see our Guide to PTCs.



Trust formation

Trusts are established for a variety of reasons including:

  • no Jersey taxes apply to trusts where all beneficiaries reside outside Jersey
  • no Jersey tax on distributions to non-resident beneficiaries
  • terms of the trust can remain confidential as there are no registration requirements
  • appropriate planning protects against overseas expropriation of assets, high taxation and forced heirship


Uses of Jersey trusts

  • preservation of family wealth
  • benefit from tax advantages and exchange controls in both countries when immigrating or emigrating
  • protects assets from laws in countries which dictate how assets are distributed after death
  • secures and protects personal assets


Key benefits of Jersey trusts

  • anonymity and confidentiality
  • flexibility
  • tax planning opportunities
  • separation of beneficial and legal ownership
  • protection, preservation, management and enhancement of wealth
  • avoiding forced heirship rules
  • tax efficient solutions
  • flexible management and distribution of assets
  • provision for spouse and dependants
  • avoidance of inheritance law
  • avoidance of exchange controls
  • ownership of special purpose vehicles