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On Target For Success

Thursday 18 August 2016

Alex Picot Trust are the proud sponsors of the first electronic rifle target system of its kind in Europe.

With Directors Chris & Andrew sharing a passion for full bore target rifle shooting, it was the perfect opportunity to sponsor the long established Jersey Rifle Association (JRA) in the funding of the new equipment. 

On Target For Success.jpg

The system has been purchased from Canadian company, Silver Mountain Targets, who design and manufacture the electronic targets which are due to be trialled in Jersey next week.  The JRA intend to use the Silver Mountain target system for shooting distances from 200 to 1000 yards.

The JRA was founded in 1861 and is one of Jersey's oldest and most successful associations. This is an exciting time, not only for Chris and Andrew who can't wait to try out the new kit, but the club itself as it continues to establish its reputation and grow.

The equipment will replace an existing manually pulled target and will allow users to view all their shots on an electronic, single access point. This means that there will be no butt duty, more time spent shooting and more accurate plotting and recording of data. The ability to record electronically data will also be a great opportunity for target rifle shooters to train at the club and improve the accuracy of their shooting.

If all goes well during the trial, the JRA will look into replacing the remaining manual targets.

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