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Packing a punch for The Alzheimer's Association

Tuesday 23 May 2017
Packing a punch for The Alzheimer's Association

Alex Picot Trust was proud to sponsor Emily "The Smiling Assassin" McLaughlin in her inaugural boxing bout against Sacha ‘The Diamond Diva’ Patel in the show opener of he 2017 Jersey White Collar Boxing.

More comfortable running marathons than sparring in the 'ring', Emily and her opponent put into practice their 10 weeks of training to offer a well matched, well fought, disciplined and tidy display surviving three rounds to reach a draw. 

The first round proved impossible to split, both fighters matching each other’s work rate, feeling their way into the fight with some tentative combinations and footwork, knowing that any extended punching spree or attempt to load up on punches would, undoubtedly, be paid for in rounds two and three.  


After the ‘Chess’ of the first round, and with the nerves settled, the second was to be more open.  The fighters began to use the whole of the ring, circling and taking it in turns to do their work. As one attacked the other blocked and moved, neither able to hold the centre of the ring for any length of time. As they matched each other blow for blow, it was clear that Emily was doing the cleaner and more stylish work of the two. Emily, her hands high, putting together combinations behind her jab; Sacha blocking and moving, but every so often unable to stop Emily’s favoured heavy right hand, launched straight down the pipe, from penetrating her tight guard. Each time Emily made contact, Sacha responded with her own volley of punches, the occasional punch making contact and knocking Emily’s head back. After each attack Sacha would put significant distance between her and her opponent but Emily continued to hunt her down.


The second round finished with little to separate them and although Emily was doing the cleaner work, even throwing  in some eye catching body shots, it was not enough to put her ahead on the judges’ score cards. As the old saying goes, never leave the decision in the hands of the judges’ so everything would be riding on this third and final round.


After touching gloves, as is the tradition at the commencement of the final round of any fight, the girls, though clearly showing signs of fatigue, continued to maintain their form and discipline. The pace had quickened but neither fighter allowed their work to become scrappy as is so often the case in these final rounds. The natural ebb and flow continued, each fighter matching the other blow for blow, neither able to find a way to effectively dominate and gain the advantage. As the final bell rang out, it was clear that this was the perfect opener: a well matched, well fought, disciplined and tidy display for which both boxers should be very proud.


Well done to Emily for successfully completing a huge personal challenge and for raising funds for her chosen charity.