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Déjà vu for Alex Picot marathon runners

Tuesday 04 October 2016

They didn’t quite smash their 2015 relay race time but matching it to the very minute was a mighty impressive accomplishment for the Alex Picot Jersey Marathon 2016 team.

Directors and staff from Alex Picot once again put in impressive performances in the annual Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon with our Relay team bringing it home for us in 3 hours 53 minutes, unbelievably matching the exact time the Alex Picot team achieved in 2015.

In the individual race Spencer Woolley (Accountant) and Sam Luce (Trainee Auditor) tackled the course, accomplishing highly respectable results in under four hours with Sam crossing the line at 3 hours 27 minutes taking 54th position out of 354 runners.


Meanwhile, our Compliance Assistant Emily McLaughlin completed the 26 miles alongside her Dad, Philip, raising over £600 for the Jersey Alzheimer's Association and finishing her second marathon of 2016.

Congratulations to all our runners including our Relay team of Derek Rhodes (Director, Alex Picot Trust); Tom de la Cour (Tax Assistant); Don Connolly (Partner, Alex Picot); Hannah Roynon-Jones (Tax Consultant); and Henry Le Maistre (Auditor).

‘Same time’ next year guys?

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