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Alex Picot Trust Staff Challenge 2022

Monday 01 August 2022
Alex Picot Trust Staff Challenge 2022

With an emphasis on encouraging staff health and wellbeing while raising funds for Jersey Stroke Support, we have created a 31 day activity challenge to take place throughout August 2022.


 31 day challenge.png


All staff are encouraged to get involved and every step, cycle, paddle, yoga session and horse ride will count towards our overall target.  

What is the challenge?

We aim to raise funds for Jersey Stroke Support by tracking our activity for one month to reach a target distance through our joint efforts – this is a fun event which will hopefully encourage us to all get a bit more active and join together for this important cause.

Help raise funds – for every participant to join the challenge, Alex Picot Trust will donate £10 and thereafter for every 100 miles reached, Alex Picot Trust will donate £30.

Jersey Stroke Support.png

It is a fun, team-based, multi-activity challenge, aggregating the distance-based activities of the team (basically anything that can be measured) with the ambition of travelling a virtual map across Europe to spell out the word STROKE.


How far is the challenge?

Our route will total around 7,300 miles across a virtual map from Alex Picot Trust – Stockholm – Toulouse – Rome – Oslo – Krakow – Edinburgh back to 6 Esplanade.

 7,300 miles.pngScreenshot 2022-07-26 124301.png

About Jersey Stroke Support

Jersey Stroke Support Ltd has been set up to fill gap in the provision of stroke services in Jersey.

The charity will provide post-stroke reviews to islanders and help to stroke survivors and their families after a stroke, help keep them safe and to raise the profile in Jersey about stroke and stroke prevention.

More than 130 people each year in Jersey are known to suffer a stroke with many more, including family members, affected by a diagnosis of stroke.

We have chosen to support this fledgling charity as we believe it offers a unique and necessary service to our fellow islanders and any financial contribution towards their fundraising will make a huge difference as they begin to develop as a charity in Jersey.

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