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Tennis series sponsorship continues for 4th year

Friday 13 July 2018
Tennis series sponsorship continues for 4th year

Alex Picot Trust Ladies Team Tennis 

The first session of the 2018 Alex Picot Trust Ladies Team Tennis Series came to a conclusion in July with some good results all round.



Derek Rhodes joined the players to celebrate another successful Alex Picot Trust Ladies Team Tennis League and to present the prizes. He said:

“This is the fourth year we have backed the ladies team tennis series and it is a pleasure to see it continue to attract a good number of players. There is always a healthy dose of competition among the ladies and the recent good weather meant all games went ahead on schedule. Congratulations to all the players.”


The winning team was Team F captained by Sally Stein. Congratulations to Sally and her team: Sylvie Berthouloux; Ruth Fearnley; Heather Germain; Julia Hare; Gillian Marsh; Margs Roberts and Annabel Scott-Warren.

Winners July 2018.jpg

Photo: Margs Roberts, Gillian Marsh, Annabel Scott-Warren, Sally Stein (Captain), Ruth Fearnley, Derek Rhodes (Alex Picot Trust)


Runners-up were Team H led by Jo Chaplin. Congratulations to Jo and her team; Christine Budd; Marlene Duffin; Sarah Evans; Miriam Gouge; Henrietta Manton-Jones and Alison Taylor

 Runner Ups.jpg

Photo: Alison Taylor, Sarah Evans, Miriam Gouge, Christine Budd, Derek Rhodes (Alex Picot Trust)

From May to July 70 participants, making up 8 teams, took part in weekly matches.

Division 1 results

Team F – up 129 games, captain Sally Stein
Team H – up 88 games, captain Jo Chaplin

Team B – up 25 games, captain Sue Holland

Team A – down 22 games, captain Alison Ellis


Division 2 results
Team E – up 6 games, captain Marj Rimeur

Team C – down 2 games, captain Nicky Horsfall
Team G – down 98 games, captain Juliet Waymouth

Team D – down 126 games, captain Fiona Picot

The next session will commence on 31st July and run through to mid-September / early October.