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22 November 21

Alex Picot Trust has moved to 6 Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey

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4 Benefits To Setting Up A Jersey Trust

01 March 21

Jersey Offshore Trusts and Companies have been a popular way to manage people's assets for over half a century. Yet, one of the questions I'm regularly asked is: why should I set-up a Jersey trust? There are myriad reasons, but let's look at the four main ones: tax benefits, political and economic uncertainty, family succession planning and flexibility.

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TAX UPDATE: Lockdown and the offshore position

03 June 20

We take a look at the potential issues affecting offshore structures during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Trust

11 March 20

Setting up a Jersey Trust is a better option than ever for those looking to protect their hard-earned assets. The peace of mind and security a trust can offer has proven invaluable to our clients, yet one of the most frequently asked questions is what can you expect to pay set up a trust?

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Making connections at the Kreston International EMEA 2019

29 May 19

Our team travelled to Poland and joined 164 colleagues in Warsaw for the 2019 Kreston International EMEA conference.

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International Tax Co-operation Remains a Priority for the Channel Islands

27 October 16

This year has seen the governments of both Jersey and Guernsey continue their efforts at increasing the number of Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) and Double-Tax Agreements (DTAs) that they have with other jurisdictions.

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Jersey Post Brexit, Status Quo is the Order of the Day

09 September 16

Will Jersey, Guernsey & the Isle of Man be pulled into the aftermath of Brexit? Or will the Crown Dependencies feel little or no impact?

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Jersey's Constructive Approach To Transparency

24 August 16

The use of offshore financial centres rarely makes for positive stories in the media. In Britain, almost every newspaper chooses to paint a picture of such jurisdictions being used to hide money or to avoid tax liabilities. What the media doesn’t appear to understand is that there are many and varied reasons for using international finance centres.

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The History of Alex Picot – Where are They Now?

03 August 16

In the final part of this three part series, we look at the history of Alex Picot since being liberated from the German Occupation. The firm has grown throughout these years and expanded its knowledge and services to become the business it is today.

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Time to Swap the South Bank for St Helier? New Inheritance Tax Liability Comes into Force April 2017

26 July 16

With new IHT rules coming into force in April 2017, we look at how the new inheritance tax liability will affect you, and how you can prepare yourself.

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